My own Lifetime movie

Was I disappointed when I found out that "Buckeyes" Boy had lied about playing football at Ohio State? Of course. But, I'm a glass half-full girl, and I tried to focus on the positive. Despite our problems and how he treated me, we were going to continue to run into each other at DC Twitter and Social Media events. I'm not one to hold grudges against my ex-boyfriends, and I wasn't about to change that now. I would take the higher ground.

On December 4, 2009, my friend, Carly, and I went out to dinner at Notti Bianche before heading to Arlington for Kayla's housewarming party. On the ride out, I told her what Ronny had found.

Carly: I checked, too, and couldn't find anything with "Buckeyes" Boy's name and either Ohio State or Youngstown.

Me: You did?

Carly: Yeah, out of curiosity. [We laugh.] I think he's lying about the phone, too. I have an iPhone and don't think there's a sim card inside.

Me: I Googled that and apparently there is.

Carly: I still think that was his number.

Me: Well, I could check.

Carly: How?

Me: There are these sites where you can pay to find out the owner of a cell phone number. Should I do that?

Carly: How much would that cost?

Me: Like five or ten dollars.

Carly: Do it.

I had fun at the party, and a lot of my girlfriends commented how good I looked. A few of them seemed surprised that I was okay.

Me: I wanted to know where this [my relationship with "Buckeyes" Boy] and now I do. I don't regret how I handled it or what I've learned. And now, I can get back to focusing on my goals.

A guy at the party sat down to talk to me, but I soon realized that I wasn't interested in exchanging information. I had made plans for brunch with Stanford Man for this coming Sunday, and that was about all I could handle right now.

When I got home, I turned on my computer and went onto I input the cell phone number that "Buckeyes" Boy had used to text Carly last month. As the site was processing my request, I thought of what "Buckeyes" Boy had e-mailed me a few days ago:

That was a temp sim card I had from a friend's other at&t phone. I probably still have my vm message on there. I used it to try and fix my phone's issue. I had it the night she came to the event. I'm not trying to hurt you nor do I have other cell phones.


A window appeared on my computer that the report was ready. I exhaled and opened it.

Owner of Cell Phone Number: "Buckeyes" Boy

I started crying in front of my laptop. I had let this man live with me! I had bent over backward to make his life easier for almost three months, and he didn't even give me his new cell phone number?!? What the hell!

I wished that this bad Lifetime movie that had become my life would end.

But, it wouldn't. Not yet at least…

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