Get me off of this ride!

So, “Buckeyes” Boy lied to me — and several other members of the DC Twitter community — about where he went to school and played college football. He also lied to me about his phone being broken. I felt like I was on a roller coaster since I didn’t know what I would encounter at the next bend!

It was late on Friday, December 4, 2009. After four days of not officially knowing if “Buckeyes” Boy had blocked me from Twitter or if it was a computer glitch, I finally clicked on the “Follow” tab. He had told me that he had wanted to be friends and that he never blocked me so maybe…just maybe…he hadn’t.

It only took two seconds for the following message to appear on my laptop screen:

This user has blocked you from following his Tweets.

I had felt unappreciated during the last half of my relationship with “Buckeyes” Boy, but now, I just felt used. That feeling only magnified later that evening when I went into the second bathroom to get some toothpaste. (Since I had two bathrooms, I kept my toiletries in the master bathroom, and “Buckeyes” Boy stored his stuff in the second bathroom.) I looked everywhere for it, and it was gone.

I started looking around for other stuff: the Body Shop products that Barla had gotten me for my birthday that were on the vanity; the moisturizers that I had bought “Buckeyes” Boy (one to bring to his Dad’s place and one to keep at our place); the package of hand sanitizers that I had bought for both of us; and the shower gel in the second bathroom. They were…



The boy couldn’t afford his own toothpaste?!? What was I a fucking hotel? And, who could I contact about the fact that Buckeyes Boy had never paid his bill?

I saw on Twitter that “Buckeyes” Boy was out that night at a bar not too far from my place. (For those of you not on Twitter, being blocked isn’t the same on Twitter as it is on Facebook. I can still see his news feed if I go to his page. I just can’t send him a message.)

For a second, I thought of going to the bar to see him. I was so infuriated that he would treat me this way! But then, I realized that I didn’t want to be “that” chick. Yes, I had been wronged, but I didn’t need to act like a psycho.

The following morning, I was walking Nutter and ran into my neighbor, Crystal, for the first time since before Thanksgiving. Since she had met “Buckeyes” Boy and is a friend, I updated her on recent events. After making sure that I was okay, she asked:

Would you like me to run a security report on him?

Me: Really? [She nods.] Would that be a lot of trouble?

Crystal: Of course not. We do these all the time. Just send me whatever information you have on him, and I’ll let you know when we get the report back. Do you have all your jewelry and antiques? [I nod.] Good. Make sure you change your locks and all your passwords on your computer.

Me: Well, he gave me the keys back.

Crystal: Better to be safe than sorry.

Me: You’re right. Thank you. [We hug.]

I changed all my passwords on my computer and scheduled a locksmith to come to my place on Monday. My mind was swirling. I was getting a security report on the man I loved. I was changing my passwords in case he thought to steal from me. “Buckeyes” Boy — the man who had lived with me, the man I had let inside mind, body and soul. This was really too much for me to process.

As if this all wasn’t enough, I received an e-mail from “Buckeyes” Boy that night in response to my last e-mail:


I had no idea. Congratulations! I’ll have to make sure I read that post.

I want to apologize again for not meeting you the other night. I was so out of it before I left. I think we should absolutely still be friends. I’m thinking maybe tomorrow evening after work or on Tuesday night. I’ll get back to you to confirm.


Get me off of this ride! I think I’m going to be sick.

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