Waving my magic body wand

I was excited when Fascinations at Fun Love asked me to test the XGEN Body Wand.

“How does product testing differ from sex toy reviewing?” you might be wondering.

Well, testing typically occurs when a product: 1) is in the research and development stage and not yet available for sale; or 2) has yet to be placed on the shelves of a particular store. Product testing is less about dollar signs and consumers and more for the manufacturer's and retailer's benefit.

Since Fascinations is now carrying the Body Wand, it seemed like the perfect time to share my write-up with you. For those of you who have read my reviews, you'll notice that my writing style is less narrative and more focused on the relevant facts:


• Clean and simple.
• Aesthetically pleasing.
• Accurate picture and description of the product and its features.
• Indicates that the product is made of “high quality” material. Since the wand is made of body safe polymer, the box should be updated to state that it’s phthalate free and body friendly.


• Con: There weren’t any instructions included. I assume that the product can’t be used in water, but it didn’t say that anywhere.
• Pro: The product is incredibly easy to use. It did take me a few seconds to figure out where to connect the charger, though.

Opening the box:

• The toy has a slight odor to it.
• Much like the packaging, the toy is aesthetically pleasing and simply designed. It shouldn’t intimidate a new toy user or straight male. I like that the company used two basic colors and didn’t try to make the product look phallic.


• Love that the wand is rechargeable. I much prefer that to battery-operated or plug-in toys.
• Very easy to charge.
• When the battery is low, the vibrations don’t dwindle down gradually. The toy just dies. That surprised me, especially since it happened while I was using it.

Using the toy:

• Incredibly easy to use and hold. I love how simple the one finger control dial is.
• The company’s claim that the toy is “deceptively powerful” is correct. This toy is great for clitoral stimulation!
• I wish the head was a little more angled so that it was easier to use when lying on my stomach.
• The box states that the toy is “quiet.” I wouldn’t say this is a loud toy, but I don’t consider it particularly quiet either. Every time I used it, there was a high-pitched buzzing sound when I first turned it on.

• For a straight couple’s use: I like the fact that I can keep the wand on low vibrations and place it on my partner’s perineum. (Other products like the Hitachi Magic Wand were too powerful for his liking.)

• For those women who can get desensitized by toys with powerful vibrations, I appreciate the fact that you can achieve orgasms with this wand, but that it’s not as desensitizing as the Hitachi Magic Wand.

• For new toy users, the different settings should help ensure that the toy isn’t overpowering. I’ve read reviews of the Hitachi Magic Wand in which women have found the high setting to be too much for them. The Body Wand’s highest setting is strong enough for an experienced toy user without being overwhelming to a newbie.

Other advantages:

• Portable. This toy is small enough to pack, but powerful to use.
• Cord-free: The Hitachi Magic Wand or comparable products that you have to plug into an outlet can be cumbersome. This wand isn’t.

I would recommend this toy to a friend and will continue to use it.

Note: The XGEN Body Wand Rechargeable retails for $80.99. There’s a plug-in version for $18 less, but if you can afford to pay more than $50 for a toy, it’s worth the added investment for the rechargeable product. There’s much more versatility when you don’t have to worry about a cord and electrical outlet.

I haven’t given a toy my full Five Squeals of Approval in a while, but the XGEN Body Wand deserves it!
This toy is great for couples, singles, new toy users and experienced toy aficionados! A win-Wand-win!

* Pursuant to FTC Guidelines, I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest input.

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