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Lotus Blooms' customers request that the boutique carry Fun Factory's LAYAspot more than any other massage toy! The toy was also featured on Oprah as a "must have" product in the Beginner's Guide to Erotica. Many online sources swear by the Laya Spot, but does the toy meet with my approval?

What's good about the Laya Spot?

It's a Fun Factory product! As I mentioned in my review of the fabulous Smart Balls Teneo Duo, Fun Factory is a German sex toy company known for its aesthetically pleasing and top performing products! If you purchase a Fun Factory toy, you can take comfort in the fact that the item is high quality, and free of toxic ingredients and allergens.

The Laya Spot is waterproof. You can bring this toy into the shower, bath or hot tub for added versatility. The product has seven different speeds and three different pulsations.

Press and hold the positive sign (+) in the middle of the toy to turn it on and increase as desired. After the seventh press of the positive sign, you can continue to press it to change from constant vibrations to varying, pulsating rhythms. To decrease the intensity or return to constant vibrations, press the negative sign (-). The toy takes only two (2) AAA batteries, and yet, it feels powerful in your hand.

The Laya Spot is made of silky smooth elastomer. It's soft to the touch and compatible with any kind of lubricant.

What didn't I like about the Laya Spot?

  1. The shape. Fun Factory claims that the design is ergonomically friendly. I found it awkward and uncomfortable. The tip of the Laya Spot is bulbous and doesn't maximize sensations. I tried the toy on two separate occasions. It was difficult to hold if I was on my stomach — so much so that the bottom of the Laya Spot kept detaching, thereby turning the toy off. On my back, the product didn't rest on comfortably. No matter how I positioned the toy, it wasn't pleasurable for more than a few minutes.
  2. Its limitations. The Laya Spot is for external, clitoral use only. It's not meant for vaginal or anal use. There are toys that aren't designed for internal use, but still can be used with caution inside your pussy or anus. The Laya just isn't one of them. If your man enjoys light vibrations on his balls or perineum during oral sex or a hand job, then you can try using the Laya Spot in that capacity. Beyond that, though, you and your partner are out of luck.
  3. Bad vibrations. In my hand, the toy felt powerful. But, in practice, I remembered that the toy only holds two AAA batteries. The product did not deliver – even on its highest vibrations. (One reviewer claimed that the Laya Spot has 2/3 of the power of the Hitachi Magic Wand. I'm rolling my eyes at that statement!) Try though I did, it was impossible for me to enjoy the Laya Spot.

Who might enjoy the Laya Spot?

  • A first-time toy user;
  • A woman post-childbirth or illness;
  • A couple bringing a toy into the bedroom for the first time; or
  • A person who only uses sex toys in the water.

The Laya Spot retails for $65.90. I just can't justify recommending that you spend that much for this product. There are other smaller massage toys that are more economical and versatile. There are also stellar products that can satisfy newbies, couples, long-time toy users and women with vaginal pain issues.

Personally, I'd give the Laya Spot One Squeal. If you're a sex toy beginner or water lover, then I'll go up to Two Squeals. But, imagine those squeals as very wimpy.

Buh baya, Laya! xoxo

* Pursuant to FTC Guidelines, I received the Laya Spot free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product.

City Girl's Squeals of Approval Chart:

1 Squeal: Bad. This toy is not worth your money. Do not pass go! Do not pay $2, let alone $200.
2 Squeals: Slightly Sub-Par. You won't hate this toy, but you won't necessarily like it either.
3 Squeals: Average/Good. This toy might not be the most innovative or satisfying, but it serves its purpose.
4 Squeals: Very good. A strong sex toy with minimal negatives that will be part of your regular line-up.
5 Squeals: Great. No toy does it better!

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