The Healing Nature of Pets

On Friday, I had the pleasure of going on News Channel 8's talk show, Let's Talk Live, with my friend and veterinarian, Dr. Katy Nelson. We talked about the healing nature of pets. Specifically, I shared the story of my rescue dog, Flake, and how I believe that she sensed my cancer before I was diagnosed. (Did you know that many dogs have the ability to smell cancer?) I also spoke about what a comfort Flake has been to me and how she instinctively knows how much I can handle on a given day and can adjust her energy accordingly.

It was a bit ironic that I was on air talking about this topic on Friday since I was feeling very poorly that day. I arrived at the studio and had to excuse myself to get sick. Once the segment was over, I had to excuse myself again. Flake was calm throughout and sat on my lap without moving a paw during the entire interview. Once we made it home, she snuggled close to me while I rested. I'm so thankful to have adopted her!


Are you a pet owner? How has your pet changed your life for the better?

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