The Elite Elise

When it comes to sex toys, Lelo products are the creme de la creme! The Swedish company was established in 2003 with one key objective: to create sex toys of better quality, function, and design than any others on the market. After trying out the Lelo Elise for the past two weeks, I say: Mission Accomplished!

Lotus Blooms is a certified LELO dealer in the DC metropolitan area. The Elise is Lelo's biggest toy, and at first glance, it's a bit intimidating. However, upon closer inspection, only 5" of this sleek 8" toy is insertable, and the width is a reasonable 1 ¼".

What's great about the Elise?

1. No batteries required! As is the norm for Lelo products, the Elise is rechargeable. A two-hour charge guarantees you four-hours of fun;

2. It's made of silky smooth, FDA-approved, body friendly silicone. (Just don't use silicone lubricant with the Elise or else it might get tacky in texture.);

3. There are two pleasure points in the vibrator. One is at the top of the toy, and the other is toward the base. There are also five levels of intensity and five speeds (consistent vibrations, just the tip, just the base, a pulsating vibration, and a whirring vibration). This toy has a lot of options so you can adjust based on your own needs and preferences;

4. This toy is very quiet, even at its highest vibrations. You won't have to worry about anyone knowing what you are up to;

5. It's intense. Correction, very intense. Whether on your clit or inside for G-Spot stimulation, the Elise will have you orgasming every single time. There's a reason why this is Lelo's premier product;

6. It's perfect for travel. The Hitachi Magic Wand is many women's favorite toy, but a plug-in product is not convenient to pack and might not work overseas. The Elise is almost as powerful and much more discrete and versatile. You can fully charge it before your trip and put the toy in lock mode so there's no need to worry about your luggage vibrating; and

7. The Elise also works with your partner. Want a toy to help finish the job after sex or to help increase the sensations during oral sex? Care to bring something out for a mutual masturbation session? This toy can do all that and more! It's very effective, quiet and easy to pull out and just use (no batteries, cords or attachments involved).

Can you use this toy anally?

The Elise isn't designed for anal use. Nonetheless, this toy is very popular with male customers at Lotus Blooms. Guys and girls, if you are trying the Elise in your ass, please keep a strong grip on the base of the toy so that it doesn't get lost inside you! Or, ask your partner to lend a hand ;).

As an anal toy, the Elise provides a very fulfilling experience, given its size and intensity. Since this toy is large and powerful, start at the lowest, constant vibration to make sure that you don't lose your grip or overwhelm yourself.

What didn't I love about the Elise?

1. I found the controls to be confusing. How confusing? I had to break out the instruction manual to actually figure out what the buttons meant.

The circle on the bottom of the Elise has four markings. If you're not a fan of instruction manuals, the + sign at 3 o'clock on the circle turns the vibrator on. You can press the + sign four times to keep increasing the intensity of the vibrations. To decrease the intensity of the vibrations, press the – sign at the 9 o'clock spot. To vary the consistency of the vibrations or how much of the toy is pulsating, press the upward arrow at the 12 o'clock position. The negative arrow at the 6 o'clock position decreases the changes in vibrations, and a firm press in the center of the circle turns the vibrator off; and

2. The Elise could also be called the Elite, given its hefty price tag of $169. I appreciate that's quite a chunk of change, but this is a top of the line, multi-functional toy. If you have the money to spare, I'm sure you'll find this product to be a worthwhile investment!

If you're a newbie to a toy of this length or intensity, start on the lowest vibration and work your way up. If you're a toy aficionado, you'll appreciate the Elise's size, versatility and intensity.

How many squeals does this toy warrant? I'd give it a full Five (5) Squeals for clitoral and G-Spot stimulation for both beginners and experienced toy users. But, for anal use and price, I would give Three (3) Squeals. I'll average it out for a four (4) Squeal ranking, but picture those four squeals as very solid and very loud!

In accordance with FTC Guidelines, I received the Lelo Elise free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product.

City Girl's Squeals of Approval Chart:

1 Squeal: Bad. This toy is not worth your money. Do not pass go! Do not pay $2, let alone $200.
2 Squeals: Slightly Sub-Par. You won't hate this toy, but you won't necessarily like it either.
3 Squeals: Average/Good. This toy might not be the most innovative or satisfying, but it serves its purpose.
4 Squeals: Very good. A strong sex toy with minimal negatives that will be part of your regular line-up.
5 Squeals: Great. No toy does it better!

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