Safety First Giveaway with Lucky Bloke

Sex is exciting.

Walking into a store, and purchasing condoms, not so much.

And, running out of condoms isn’t just awkward – it can have some very unwelcome consequences.

There is simply no reason to be without condoms when you need them. That's where Lucky Bloke, the ultimate condom subscription service, comes in.

Discreet and affordable international delivery of top-selling condoms and lubricant.

We have carefully selected the top condoms in the world – including, Kimono, Glyde, Billy Boy, RFSU, Durex, and Trojan condoms. You can create your own personalized collection for monthly delivery.

Change it as often a you’d like. (That definitely will allow for exploring new products in absolute privacy, or sticking with tried and true favorites! Whatever you desire…)

A subscription to offers discreet and reliable delivery of top-selling condoms at affordable prices. Sent via mail, your fresh, new condoms arrive – no matter where your global travels might take you.


A monthly subscription varies from 6-24 condoms depending on a person's activity. Each person creates his or her own subscription, based on taste and needs. Basically, the only "rule" is that condoms are sold in sets of six (or six packs) meaning that you choose in sets of six condoms of the same brand and style. (If you want 18 condoms, but of only one brand – you choose 3 – 6 packs.)

Your monthly subscription to is something you can count on. You can place it on hold or cancel any time.

Your condoms are always available to you when need them.

Your custom selection is delivered in a confidential unmarked package to any valid address of your choosing. (Office, dorm, your lover's place? You name it).

Our favorite part?

10% of our sales are given to urgent humanitarian causes. And, you are able to choose the cause you would like your subscription to support! Currently choices include: charity: water, UNICEF, and It Gets Better Project.

You choose the adventure, we provide the gear – and together, we do our part to save the world.

Lucky Bloke is willing to give THREE readers a one-month subscription. Each winner can go on the site and choose whatever monthly package of condoms fits his or her needs and activity level. (Condoms are provided in packages of six and a monthly subscription ranges from six to 24 condoms.)

How will this giveaway work?

1. One winner will be chosen on each of the following days: Tuesday, January 31st, Wednesday, February 1st and Thursday, February 2nd.

2. Since the theme is "Safety First," the person who comments first with "Lucky Bloke," on each of those days starting at 2pm Eastern Standard Time (11am Pacific Standard Time) wins. If you win for one of those days, you may not enter again.

3. Lucky Bloke will contact each winner to collect on the subscriptions. The winners will not be automatically signed up for the service.

4. Lucky Bloke ships worldwide so wherever you live, you're eligible to enter!

5. There's a chance that Lucky Bloke might give an additional fourth subscription to the person with the best comment. So, if you can't make it to your computer or smart phone at 2pm EST, it's still worth commenting. Just make sure to include why you'd love to receive a month's subscription.

Giveaway starts on Tuesday, January 31st at 2pm EST so get your comments ready!

* Pursuant to FTC Guidelines, no compensation was received by City Girl Blogs for this post or to conduct this giveaway.

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