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I was a bit surprised when one of the owners of Lotus Blooms gave me a book to review, rather than a product.  But, after reading Violet Blue’s The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot, I’m very glad that she did!  Sex educator and best-selling author Blue is an entertaining and effective writer.  Reading this book feels more like you’re talking to a close girlfriend than delving into a clinical sex guide.  It’s a fairly quick read, but it’s chock full of information!

At a time when there is much literature about whether the G-Spot truly exists, Blue states on page vii:

The G-spot is…a real, tangible thing, like my breast and your clitoris, and you can even see it.  But for some reason, lots of people seem to think that the G-spot is a myth.  Or a rumor…No – it’s a real thing, and it makes you come, hard, period.  No deep wisdom, soul-searching or goddess worship necessary.  But a little knowledge helps.

In imparting her knowledge to her readers, Blue looks at what the G-Spot is, what it isn’t, how it got its name, how to see it, and how to explore it with fingers, a fist, a toy and a partner.  The guide offers recommendations for toys and lube to harness the power of G-Spot and useful tips such as urinating before you begin G-Spot play.  The author also suggests positions for G-Spot pleasure during sex and devotes a whole chapter to how to tap into your ability to ejaculate or squirt.  The informative sections are interspersed with four pieces of erotica by Alison Tyler.  If you need to set the mood before having some quality time with yourself, these hot stories should do the trick!

This book is beneficial for first-timers, as well as those women who are already very familiar with their G-Spots.  As a testament to the book’s appeal, a girlfriend picked it up from my coffee table and plowed through two chapters while waiting for me to get ready.  The next time she was over, she asked where the book was so that she could read some more!

I love how Blue reminds her readers that it’s okay to listen to their bodies.  She encourages every woman to find her G-Spot, while acknowledging that some women prefer to orgasm clitorally or anally.  The author also addresses how some females don’t want to squirt or ejaculate.  It’s all about what feels good and right to each of us!

If I was teaching a course on The Female Orgasm, The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot, would be required reading!  Turn off your laptop, your television and your phone for an hour or two and relax with this guide.  You won’t be disappointed, and for $14.95, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

I can’t give this book less than my full Five Squeals of Approval!

* Pursuant to FTC Guidelines, I received this book free of charge in exchange for more honest assessment of the product.

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