Quite The Teddy Bear

My friendship with benefits arrangement with Best Boy thankfully didn’t bar me from pursuing a relationship with Mr. Agency.  I use the term, “relationship,” loosely, though, since I wasn’t able to date Mr. Agency in the conventional sense.

“Why not?” you might be wondering.

Well, Mr. Agency worked a minimum of 100 hours a week.  When most couples were heading off to dinner or a movie, Mr. Agency was still stuck in a meeting or going to an event.  So, our “dates” consisted of him coming over to my place at midnight…or 2am.

If I had been looking for a traditional relationship, then his schedule obviously would have presented a problem for me.  But, I wasn’t.  I enjoyed his company so I was fine with seeing him late at night once or twice a week.  And, at a time in my life when I needed a little extra tender loving care, I liked making out with Mr. Agency and falling asleep with his arms around me. There wasn’t any pressure to have sex or decide where this was going.

Mr. Agency and I would lie in bed talking for hours, and he made me smile and laugh about everything and nothing.  Even though we were just getting to know each other, he would bring up future plans, joking about a couple’s costume we could wear for Halloween or a conference that we both might attend in January. 

We discussed past relationships and what problems we had encountered.  I could tell that he was relieved that I didn’t find his schedule or the fact that there were quite a few women in DC who vied for his attention at every event as problems.  And, I found it comforting that he wanted to talk about cancer and my blog.  There weren't any topics that were off limits with us.

I had always viewed Mr. Agency like a big teddy bear, until the night we moved from kissing to oral. I expect to enjoy myself from that, but I didn't expect to have to say, "when" and ask for a break. Mr. Agency went from teddy bear to Captain Cunninglingus and back to a teddy bear.

The next day, Mr. Agency headed off to London for meetings.  While he was away, he texted me every day to tell me that he was thinking of me.  He asked me to let him know what the oncologist said about my treatment plan, and I did just that. 

The following morning, my phone rang.  When I saw that it was Mr. Agency, I was surprised that he was calling me while he was overseas.

Me: Hey!  Is everything okay?

Mr. Agency: I know that I told you to text me about what the doctor said, but this is too important to text about so I wanted to call you.  Tell me about your appointment yesterday.

We talked for an hour that morning with a plan to see each other the day after he returned in DC.  I hung up the phone wondering if this had more relationship potential than I had initially thought.

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