A Good Friendship

Best Boy and I continued to spend more time together, and I appreciated the fact that he put the “friend” in “friend with benefits.”  He checked in to see how I was feeling post-surgery and if I needed anything.  He came over two to three times a week and let me be the guide as to whether or not I felt up to having sex post-surgery.  He helped me out when I was recouping by walking my dog.  And, when I had sex toys or condoms to review, he was always willing to lend a…hand.

When I described our relationship to my girlfriends, we all agreed:

Best Boy really was the BEST Boy!

A few girlfriends wondered if Best Boy and I could become more than friends with benefits.  My answer was always the same:

No.  We can't be anymore than that given that Mr. Exec [my ex-boyfriend] is like a brother to him.  Plus, we haven't gone out on a date since that night with Mr. Exec at Ceiba.  We're just friends who have sex.

Best Boy hadn’t initially informed Mr. Exec that we were sleeping together so it caught me a bit off-guard when the following conversation ensued:

Me: Depending on my treatment schedule, I might be helping out at The Gala.  [The Gala was an annual political fundraiser, and I knew that I would see Mr. Exec at the event.]  Mr. Exec still doesn’t know we’re hanging out, right?

Best Boy: No.  I told him.

Me [trying not to stare at him with wide eyes and an open mouth]: Really?  How did that go?

Best Boy: Fine.  He said he doesn’t care.

A control freak and narcissist like Mr. Exec always cares!  I tried not to laugh out loud and chose to proceed nonchalantly.

Me: Oh.  Well, that’s good.  How did it come up?

Best Boy: I just didn’t feel comfortable keeping it from him so I told him that we had been together.

Me: Good.  I’m happy that it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

What I Really Wanted To Say: Can you tell me every single detail so I can blog about it?

The topic turned to Best Boy’s upcoming trip to Los Angeles, and I mentioned that one of my close friends, D, lives out there.

Me: She’s brilliant, kind and gorgeous!

Best Boy: Really? 

I pulled up a photo of her, and Best Boy nodded in approval.

Me: Want me to hook you guys up?

Best Boy: You would do that?

Me: Of course.

Best Boy: No, you wouldn’t.

Me [grabbing my phone]: I’m texting her now.  [D and I text back and forth, and she says it’s fine for him to email her.]  She won’t be in LA the whole time you’re there, but she says that she hopes to meet you.

Best Boy: You wouldn’t be cool with that, though, would you?

Me: As long as you tell me all about it!  We’re friends.  Sex is sex.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

The following morning, Best Boy told me that he and D had become friends on Facebook and that he would be emailing her.

Me: Great!  Seal the deal!  [I laugh.]

Best Boy [pausing]: I didn’t expect you [pause] to be so cool.

Me [laughing]: Oh, you mean because of what went down with Mr. Exec?  [He nods.]  Your boy treated me horribly.  I don’t aspire to be emotional or act psycho, but when someone keeps playing Jedi mind tricks on me, I can get that way.  I’d much prefer to be relaxed and honest about everything.  You and I work in this mode.  There’s no need for drama.

Best Boy smiled and kissed me before heading off to work.  I was really enjoying this friendship!

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