Please Think Before You Speak

I communicate regularly with other young women who have battled or are battling breast cancer. It continues to amaze and disappoint me to hear the comments that loved ones and acquaintances will say to a patient during their cancer journey.

Earlier this month, Blisstree posted an article on its site entitled: “Real Survivors Talk: 7 Things Not To Say To Someone With Breast Cancer.” Written by Hanna Brooks Olsen, I was honored that my thoughts were included in the piece. After I was diagnosed, I made a vow to do what I could to serve as a resource for other women fighting breast cancer. And, I’ll do my best to educate well-intentioned people who want to say the right thing, but don’t always know what that is. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, asking open-ended questions and listening go a long way!

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The slideshow from Blisstree can be accessed via this link. I’ve been on the receiving end of all but two of these comments. What other zingers come to mind?

“You know you can wear a wig, right?”

“You look great, except for your hair.”

“You’ve gained weight!”

“I always wanted to get a boob job.”

“Now that you’re done with treatment, I hope that things are going to go back to normal.”

Any variation of how a patient is using cancer to get attention or shirk day-to-day responsibilities.

Which slide on Blisstree made you roll your eyes the most? Have you heard a comment that made you shake your head?

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