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I had hoped to go out again with Stanford Man after our inspiring and enjoyable brunch, but much to my dismay, he needed to go out to Caliifornia for work. We emailed each other regularly, but it was clear this project was going to consume the majority of his time in the coming months. I hoped that I wouldn't have to wait too long to talk more with him in person.

On January 14th, I went out to an early dinner with two girlfriends. One friend came over afterwards and decided to spend the night. As I was getting ready for bed, I received a text from Best Boy. (I was thankful that my friend was a heavy sleeper so that the vibrations from Best Boy’s texts didn’t wake her.)

He was downtown, having drinks with some of his friends. When he texted me that, I assumed that he would ask to come over afterward since he knew better than to drink and drive.

Best Boy and I hadn’t talked since he had come over the prior week. I had yet to determine what, if anything, I wanted from him on the relationship front. I trusted that all would resolve itself in due time.

When he texted me that he was getting in a cab to head over to my place, I got up and prepared the sofa bed for him. I opened the door after hearing his light knock, and he immediately put his arms around me and started making out with me. Our kisses tended to be sweet, but this kiss was different and much more passionate than I was used to from him.

I didn’t have time to think about where this was going — in the short or the long term. All I knew was that it felt right. Within five minutes, Best Boy had taken my sweats off and had lifted me on top of him.

After I had gotten off, Best Boy took off his pants, and pulled me down on the couch and on top of him. When we transitioned, he got on top of me in a traditional missionary position.

He bent down to kiss me, as he thrust deeply inside of me. When our lips parted, he looked down on me and said:

I love you!

I was totally caught off guard. I didn’t have time to think about whether he really loved me or if he was just saying that in the heat of the moment. I have absolutely no poker face so I looked up at him with an expression that indicated my total confusion.

Best Boy [pause]: I love it!

I continued to stare at him with my eyes wide and my brow furrowed.

To be continued…

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