“With your luck, you might want to stay away from lightening storms,” a doctor told me after reviewing my health history.

Such a comment might offend some people, but I just chuckled in response. I’ve long since accepted the fact that my health is unique. Several doctors have called me a medical anomaly. Some have said that there might be a journal article written about me in the future, and others have used the term, “miracle,” to describe my health.

Anytime I’ve been a “medical miracle,” it’s involved me dealing with an incredibly difficult health situation. A few examples:

“You’re the first patient with Guillain Barre to come into the hospital not on a gurney!” a doctor explained as I was admitted with ascending paralysis.

“You have an aggressive strain of cancer, but thankfully, it was caught early,” my oncologist informed me.

“When I opened your head, the nerves, tissues and muscles were all in the wrong places, but you have the right amount of everything!” my neurosurgeon said with surprise.

Moving to the present day, I've been hearing my doctors use the term, "miracle," a lot lately to describe my health situation. But, for the first time, there's no downside to defying medical odds.

This wasn’t supposed to be possible, and yet, it happened.

I’m 15 weeks pregnant.

How am I feeling? What do my doctors say? What are my thoughts on being pregnant? Will I still adopt?

I promise to get to all that and more.

For now, just know that I’m believing in miracles and humbly praying every day that all continues to go well until my due date on June 6, 2013.

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