Lelo Tiani 2

There are many things that are better in theory than in practice, and I would have to include remote-controlled adult toys on that list. I had hoped that I would enjoy the design edition of Lelo’s Tiani more than the original, but the second edition didn't grab my interest either.

I opened the sleek black box to find a Lelo Insignia pin inside. You might wish to proclaim that you use a certain line of adult products via a brooch, but I'm more of a minimalist when it comes to jewelry.

The waterproof Tiani features a vibrating rechargeable U-shaped insertable toy and a vibrating battery-operated remote control. Insert two AAA batteries into the remote, charge the insertable toy for several hours, and you’re ready to go!

The smaller end of the U-shaped toy goes inside your pussy and should be tilted toward the front to allow for internal stimulation. The more bulbous end of the toy rests outside on your clit. The U-shaped toy is designed to be worn by itself for solo use or during sex in the missionary position. The second attachment (not shown above) provides more options if you’d prefer to use the toy in other positions. You can use the Tiani 2 with or without the remote control. Shaking or tilting the remote control alters the strength and pace of the vibrations on the toy. You can increase the vibrations by pressing the “+” sign on the remote, or you can change the pulse and pattern of the vibrations by pressing the top of the U-shaped toy.

The Tiani 2 has more power and range than the original edition. You won’t have to worry about the toy completely turning off when a body part is blocking the connection. However, if the front of the remote control isn’t facing the top of the U-shaped toy, the power of the toy weakens considerably. And, even on its highest vibrations, the toy won’t satisfy a user who needs intensity.

As much as adult toy companies try to make products with mass appeal, it’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. The Tiani 2 wasn't strong enough for my liking and didn’t feel comfortable during solo use. I liked that the remote control had a better connection to the toy than the original edition did, but I still wasn't a fan of the remote. For use as a couple, that option didn’t work for more than a couple of minutes. To quote my friend after she tried the couples’ massager, “there wasn’t enough room for both the toy and [her husband]. The toy just kept booting him out.”

In a conversation with sexuality educator and author Dr. Ruth Neustifter, I also learned the following:

"All of the pretty chrome Lelo toys have a troubling valley where the chrome meets the silicone coated ABS plastic, and that area requires special cleaning attention lest crustiness build up. This is true on both the remote and [U-shaped] toy. Furthermore, in order to recharge the vibe on the [Tiani], it is unscrewed from the tail and plugged in. The place where these two parts screw together collects quite a bit of lube and people juices, and is not easy to clean without pulling it apart and flushing out the tail part thoroughly and pulling out the Q-tips and cleaner for the vibrating section."

I sent Dr. Ruthie’s post to my friends at Lelo headquarters in the hopes that the cleaning problem would be rectified. Unfortunately, though, that wasn’t the case.

Lelo, I love many of your products! The Siri, Elise and Tor are among my favorite adult toys on the market. Nonetheless, your Insignia line doesn’t get my badge of honor.

With that said, who might enjoy the Tiani 2?

  • Couples who are fascinated by gadgets. The Tiani 2 did win the 2012 Red Dot Award for innovative design;
  • Women who need or prefer light vibrations, including those just cleared to orgasm after illness or childbirth;
  • Couples looking to reconnect in a unique way;
  • Individuals or couples interested in a body-friendly, waterproof product;
  • Couples in which the male isn’t well endowed;
  • Individuals or couples interested in a bestselling toy from a respected company, irrespective of price point ($159); and
  • Couples who have enjoyed remote-controlled products in the past, but would benefit from the improved power, range and versatility of the design edition.

*Pursuant to FTC Guidelines, I received the Lelo Tiani 2 product free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment herein.

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