Is It Safe to Blow Air Deeply into the Vagina?

Are there any sexual restrictions during pregnancy?

Dr. OB posed that question to the expectant moms in attendance during the mandatory first trimester class.

The answer?

Pregnant women should feel comfortable having sex as much as they want during pregnancy. Sexual activity won’t hurt the baby-to-be since the uterine muscles and amniotic fluid protect the fetus. Sex and orgasms also do not increase contractions or the risk of premature labor.

It’s normal for parents-to-be to feel hesitant about having sex. In addition, women who are ill during pregnancy typically won't want to have sex. If your sex life has noticeably changed, make sure that you communicate with your partner, prioritize intimacy and seek out alternative ways to show affection.

Dr. OB continued by stating that,

Blowing very hard into the vagina may cause an embolism and possibly death so don’t do that during pregnancy. Normal breathing during oral sex is fine, though.

All of us in the class looked at each other with confusion, wondering what that entails or who actually does that.

Upon arriving home from the class, I wanted to know more. According to The Mayo Clinic and Cosmopolitan, blood vessels in the pelvic region are more pronounced during pregnancy and menstruation. Deeply blowing air into the vagina could cause air bubbles to form and those bubbles can block a blood vessel. If that blood vessel leads to the heart or the brain, serious complications, including death, can ensue.

Are there any additional restrictions?

As pregnancy progresses, women will be more limited in terms of how they can position themselves during sex. Communication and creativity will be critical to finding positions that are comfortable.

The Mayo Clinic doesn’t recommend anal sex during pregnancy, given the possible transfer of bacteria. Check with your doctor to find out more about that and other restrictions. If you're not comfortable talking to your doctor about sex, read my tips for doing so!

Your doctor may also add restrictions if there are health concerns during the pregnancy. For your sake and the sake of your baby-to-be, adhere to them! It’s also worth being as specific as possible with your questions so the doctor can provide you with specific guidelines.

So, dear readers, I’m curious. Has anyone tried the “Huff and Puff?” For those of you who have been or are pregnant, did your sex life change? 

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