From Smiles To…

The week after Labor Day, Mr. Agency and I continued to spend a lot of time together in bed. 

Mr. Agency: I don’t understand those couples that don’t have a lot of sex.  I bet that most people wish that they had a sex life like ours.  [We laugh.]

In the midst of our Sex Fest, I noticed that Mr. Agency would bring up my ex-boyfriends…or guys who had wanted to date me…or athletes I didn’t know in real life, but he thought wanted to date me. 

His comments weren't entirely without merit.  DC is a very small town, and he did know several of my ex-boyfriends in real life.  And, I had also shared two funny stories with him early on about two public figures that had tried to date me.  (In retrospect, I realized that I shouldn’t have talked about that.)

I would joke about seeing photographs online of him and women at events, but his tone about "how all the guys love me" was more jealous than jovial.  It occurred to me that he needed validation that I cared about him.  I made sure to interject comments — while we were having sex and when we were apart – to let him know how happy he made me. 

Mr. Agency: You say that to all the boys.

Me: No, I don’t.  I'll just have to make sure that you realize that.

As we spent more and more time together, I could tell that Mr. Agency began to feel more comfortable.  I found myself smiling every time that I thought about him.

Mr. Agency and I became closer, while Best Boy was on vacation in Los Angeles.  I had received a text from my friend, D, that she unfortunately wouldn’t be able to see Best Boy when he was in California.  I hadn’t thought much about what I was going to do when Best Boy returned to DC, until my friend, T, asked:

You’re not still going to hook up with Best Boy now that you and Mr. Agency are having sex, are you?

Me: I hadn’t thought about it much.

T: I thought that Best Boy was just someone to have fun with, though.

Me: He is.

T: And, you and Mr. Agency are more like a couple.  You’re seeing a lot of each other now, right?

Me: Yeah.  I saw him Sunday and Tuesday, and he's coming over tonight [Thursday].

T: Well, now that you and Mr. Agency are having sex, how would you feel if you knew that he was having sex with another person?

After thinking about that for a minute, I replied:

I guess I would be hurt, even if I didn’t have a right to be.  [Pause.]  Maybe you’re right.  It might be easier to just focus on Mr. Agency and see where it goes, especially since I can't be more than friends with Best Boy.

While T and I were talking at Teatro Goldoni, Mr. Agency walked in.  I smiled, as he came over to say hello to both of us.

Me: I didn’t expect to see you!  What are you doing here?

Mr. Agency: Well, I had a few minutes between the embassy event and the agency dinner so I figured that I would come by to say hello.  I also knew that some of my friends would be here so I wanted to introduce you to them.  [I smile a big, toothy grin.]

He walked over to introduce me to Clark and Jared without realizing that I already knew Jared.

Jared: So…how do you two know each other?

Mr. Agency and I just looked at each other and giggled.  We giggled like we were in middle school.  He finally mentioned that we met at the Masquerade Party, as the two of us blushed awkwardly.

Mr. Agency [when Jared wasn’t listening]: I need to head out now, but I’ll come by later.

Me: Good!  I’m really glad you popped in.  See you later.  [We kiss on the cheek.]

I went back over to T, and we both thought that it was promising that Mr. Agency came by, if only for a few minutes.

T: I’ve never seen you like this.

Me: All giddy, you mean?

T: Yeah.

I was giddy about Mr. Agency.  I went home still swooning.  I made up my sofa bed on the chance that Mr. Agency couldn't sleep well in my bed, and I put out some lube and a cock ring.  I laid down to try to sleep for a couple of hours before he came over, but didn't get much rest since I didn't want to miss his call. 

When my phone vibrated at 2am, I awoke with a smile on my face.  But, my smile turned to a frown, when I read Mr. Agency's text:

Just got home from the dinner.  Going to get some sleep tonight.  I’ll see you soon, sexy.  Sleep well.

I stared at my phone incredulously.  Was he joking?

To be continued…

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