Friends With Benefits

When I woke on that early August morning, I texted Best Boy:

So…I had a VERY hot dream about us last night.

Best Boy: Really?!?

Me: Yep.

Best Boy: What do you think that means?

Me: I guess that means that you’re right.  That I want to be with you…

Best Boy: Hmm

Me: What are you doing tonight?

Best Boy: Not sure.

Me: Want to come over then?  No more teasing ;).

Best Boy: Sounds good.

When Best Boy arrived at my place later in the evening, everything just felt easy and sweet.  There was a lot of kissing and holding each other close.  (After sleeping with guys like "Buckeyes" Boy and Mr. Exec, it was refreshing to be with someone who wasn’t so dominant in bed.)  Best Boy was affectionate and romantic, and that was just what I needed five days after surgery.

Best Boy was caring and nurturing, as he made sure that I got the attention it deserved without putting pressure on my right breast.  There wasn’t any of that awkwardness that can happen when you have sex with a friend, when it’s your first time with a partner, or when you’re somewhat limited as to the positions.

Afterward, Best Boy held me close or spooned me for most of the night.  When morning came, so did we – again.  I looked at him, smiled and said:

I’m really liking our friendship with benefits!

When Best Boy left an hour later, I realized something.  I hadn’t thought of Mr. Exec the entire time.  Mr. Exec happened to call the following day, but I couldn’t have cared less.  My chapter with Mr. Exec was closed.  But, a new chapter with Best Boy was only just beginning…

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