Diagnosis Night — Part 2

I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer several hours ago.  Now, I was at an event with Mr. Exec, watching him grab another woman’s ass not once, but FIVE, times. 

I said nothing to Mr. Exec since it wasn’t worth it.  I went up to his best friend, Best Boy, to tell him that I was leaving.

Best Boy: Don’t go.  We’re going to get some food.

Me: I thought we were going to do that, too.  I just can’t sit here and watch this tonight of all nights.  Did he [Mr. Exec] tell you what’s going on?  [Best Boy nods.]  Yeah, I’m out.  [I kiss Best Boy on the cheek goodbye.]

I walked out of the restaurant and called my friend, Autumn.  I had just finished telling her what happened when another call came in.  It was Mr. Exec.  I put Autumn on hold and answered the phone.

Mr. Exec: Come back to the restaurant.

Me: Not if I’m going to have you watch you grab some girl’s ass all night!

Mr. Exec: We’re a team.  This is business.  I don’t want to have to worry about you walking out on me again.  Come back here.

Me: Business?!?  Are you fucking kidding me?

Mr. Exec: It's business.  I’ll explain it to you when you come back here.

I was hungry, tired and so drained from the day’s events.  I didn’t want to get into a fight tonight.

Me: Fine.

I hung up with Mr. Exec and finished my call with Autumn.  By the time I returned to the restaurant, Mr. Exec and the older woman were wrapping up their conversation.  After the woman left, Mr. Exec came over to me and said:

Mr. Exec: I’m glad you came back.  Don’t ever leave me like that again!

Me: I realize that we have a unique relationship, but don’t ever do something like that again in front of me.  That was completely disrespectful!

Mr. Exec: Did you see her?  Would I ever be with someone who looked like that?

Me: Okay.  Then why did you grab her ass five times?

Mr. Exec: It’s business!  She was one of the sponsors tonight.  I need her to think that I’ll fuck her so that she keeps helping us out.  She invites me to her house and on trips with her all the time, but I never go.  I’m with you, and we’re a team.  You need to understand that I’m just playing the game.

I didn't think that was fair to the woman or the organization with which Mr. Exec volunteered.  But, I decided to let it go because my need for food trumped my need to belabor this issue.

As Mr. Exec settled up his tab, he turned to me, Best Boy and Best Boy’s friend, Melanie* and said:

On Saturday night, why don’t you two come over the house?  We’ll get some wine and order some food from…[He turns to me.]  What’s that place that we like with the good pizza?

Me: Luigi’s?

Mr. Exec: Yes.  We’ll order food, maybe get a DVD and talk some business.  [I realize at that point that “the house” is in fact “my house.”]

Me: What business?

Mr. Exec: Well, Melanie does something similar to your blog, and when I heard that, I thought it would be good if we all talked to see if there were things that we all could do together.

Me: Professionally?

Mr. Exec: Yes, of course.  You know it’s all about making money for me.

Me [laughing out loud]: Yes, I do.  But, I’m not sure if you’ll like how I plan to give 10% of whatever I earn from my blog to female-focused charities.

Mr. Exec: Well, you can give 10% of your portion away.  We don’t have to do that.

I laughed and rolled my eyes.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about involving Mr. Exec in the business aspects of my blog.  I also was uncertain how Melanie and Best Boy fit into the picture, especially since I didn't know what Melanie did professionally.  But, I didn’t need to figure that out tonight.

I thought that we would all grab a quick bite and then Mr. Exec and I would head back to my place.  Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as planned.

To be continued…

* I gave Best Boy's girl the nickname of "Melanie." In retrospect, that might have been confusing since my web designer's real name is Melanie. They are not one in the same.

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