The G-spot

For many women, the G-spot or ability to achieve a vaginal orgasm is elusive. How elusive? Well, it's estimated that 75% of women cannot orgasm from vaginal intercourse without the use of toys, oral stimulation or manual stimulation. For others, the G-spot is a sexual Narnia of sorts through which much pleasure is obtained.

There's debate within the medical community regarding whether the G-spot is a cluster of nerves in the upper portion of the pussy or if it's actually part of the clitoris. A 1998 medical report found that the clitoris has legs that wrap around the urethra and the vagina and can be up to 3.5 inches long. To learn more about the report and see the anatomical drawing of the clitoral legs, click here.

So, does the G-spot exist, or to paraphrase Public Enemy, should you not believe the hype?

I believe that the G-spot does exist, but from a personal perspective, it doesn't matter to me whether the area is a cluster of nerves that is separate from or related to the clitoris. I just enjoy the difference in orgasms that I achieve from external stimulation versus internal stimulation.

The best post that I've read about G-spots was written by Analena Valdes Graham. Analena is a nurse and sex educator, and she is one of the owners of Lotus Blooms (formerly Dascha Boutique), a unique and high-end sex boutique designed to empower, educate and inspire women and couples. Since Lotus Blooms is no longer blogging, Analena was kind enough to let me repost her very informative piece about G-spots. Enjoy!

So what exactly is this G-spot and how do you find it?

Applauds and credit are due to German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg who first hypothesized its existence in 1950. The G-Spot is located inside the vagina about two inches inside from the entrance. The G-spot is a network of blood vessels, nerve endings and soft tissue. When stimulated, it can greatly enhance your orgasm and increase the possibility of female ejaculation. Female ejaculation…WHAT?!? Yes, another fascinating phenomenon about this wonderful little spot is that when stimulated, some women will actually ejaculate (also known as squirting). That's right. Many women will ejaculate noticeable amounts of clear fluid during orgasm.

The key factor in finding your G-spot is becoming intimately acquainted with your body. To assist you with this, there are several things that you (with or without your partner) can do to try to stimulate your G-spot:

Although many women don't believe they have G-spot, the truth is that they just don't know how to find it or stimulate it properly. When done the right way, G-spot stimulation can be mind blowing. A "G-spot orgasm" is slightly different from one achieved purely through clitoral stimulation, and can be more intense. Now, the G-spot is a quarter-sized area of spongy tissue located directly behind the pubic bone. Because it rests up against the bladder, many women will have an initial sensation of having to urinate. This is why it is key to go to the bathroom before attempting to find it, so that you aren't confused.

Now, lay on your bed or find that comfy couch. Relax and slowly start to stimulate your clitoris, labia, and mons. To begin the G-spot voyage, you should be fully aroused. The more aroused you are, the larger and more sensitive the G-spot becomes making it easier to find. Once you are aroused, slowly insert one or two fingers into your vagina. Your fingertips should be facing toward your bellybutton, and inserted to the spot directly under the pubic bone. Now, slowly press up against the pubic bone (away from yourself) and start to feel for a spongy area with a ridged texture. If you feel the sensation of having to urinate, you've got it!! Ladies, power through that sensation and try different pressing, tapping, and rubbing motions to see what is most pleasurable for you. Continue to do this until you can't take it anymore and achieve that orgasm!

Because the G-spot is embedded in the muscle of the vaginal wall, you may not initially find your G-spot. It may take a little patience and effort on your part. I encourage you not to give up! The reward will be well worth the journey!!!

The Lelo Gigi, Iris or Mona are great G-spot vibrators. These pleasure objects are specifically designed to help stimulate the G-spot. There's a wide variety to choose from depending on your mood for exploration and creativity! These vibrators come in a variety of colors, materials and prices.

Your partner can help you experience G-spot orgasms and ejaculation by inserting his index and middle fingers into your vagina and firmly pressing and stroking the inside front wall. Also, during intercourse, try placing a pillow underneath your hips. This slight incline may make it easier for your partner to stimulate your G-spot with his penis.

What toys, positions, or methods have worked for you to help you achieve a vaginal orgasm?

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