Trusting your partner

I’ve received quite a few questions via e-mail and Formspring about cheating. I thought that I would tackle one of them today.

Question: Do you think it’s ever safe to trust someone 100%?

Answer: I assume that you mean “someone” in the romantic partnership sense of the word. With that clarification, I do think it’s safe to trust someone 100%.

If you are in a partnership and are truly in love with someone, then I would hope that you would trust that person completely. I feel as though I can’t control whether or not a person is worthy of my trust, but I can control my ability to trust someone. When I fall in love, I’m all in. I will work to earn the person’s trust 100%, and I will believe in that person 100%.

If my partner does something to indicate that he’s not trustworthy, then I’ll respond accordingly. But, I can’t go into a serious relationship with my guard up too much; that’s not healthy for me as an individual or as a part of a couple.

I worked hard to move past my fears of commitment and allow myself to be emotionally vulnerable in my relationships with men. Have I gotten hurt at times? Sure. But, do I regret getting hurt? No. I’ve been able to look at my actions and know with 100% certainty that I truly loved and that I did my best to make that relationship work.

We all deserve to be all in when it comes to love. You’ll know you found the right person for you when you can trust him or her with your heart.


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