The Perfect Line-Up

Boston Christian called me from the airport to update me on his dad’s status and say goodbye.  I was glad to have seen him that week in August 2010, but his visit also provided me with clarity.  Back in 2007, I had wondered if he and I were meant to date again.  Now, though, I realized that Boston Christian was meant to be my high school love, and my friend as an adult.

That evening, I received a text from Mr. Agency.  (Although we had talked the previous week, we hadn't seen each other since before my surgery.)

Mr. Agency: How are you feeling, sexy?

Me: Good!  Almost all recouped :).  You?

Mr. Agency: I’m good.  I have an event tonight.  If it doesn’t end too late, would you be up for some company?

Me: Of course!  And, it’s okay to come over whenever your event is done.  I’m up late.

Mr. Agency came over around midnight.  I grabbed him a drink, and we caught up on my couch.  It was always easy to talk with Mr. Agency, and I found his smile and laugh infectious.  We discussed a variety of topics from politics to sports to my surgery to the DC social scene.  Yet again, the more time we spent together getting to know each other, the more I liked him.

Since it was late, I asked if he wanted to spend the night.  When we got into bed, Mr. Agency kissed me for the first time.  There are those kisses that make me hot, and there are those kisses that are sweet.  My kiss with Mr. Agency fell into the latter category.  His lips warmed my heart and made me smile.  I wanted more, but I also knew that it was better if we took things slowly.  There was no need to rush into having sex with him.

We kissed for a while before I fell asleep in his arms.  One of my friends described Mr. Agency as a big, black teddy bear, and that label suited him perfectly.  An hour later, he rolled over and said:

It’s been a while since I’ve slept next to someone.  Do you mind if I move to the couch so I can get a good night's sleep?

Me: Not at all.  If you need more blankets or anything, let me know.

With some guys, I would have taken that personally.  But, Mr. Agency was a good guy.  If he needed his sleep, that was fine with me.  I rolled over and fell back to sleep. 

In the morning, I went into the living room to wake him.  We cuddled and kissed a bit more before he headed off to work.  He told me that we would see each other soon, and I knew that we would.  His extremely hectic schedule might prohibit him from taking me out on traditional dates, but that didn't mean that we couldn't spend time together in some capacity.

I felt content with my August line-up:

Mr. Agency was my Snuggle Buddy.

Best Boy was my Friend With Benefits.

That evening, I received a text from Best Boy, asking what I was doing later.  This was turning out to be quite the summer.

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