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Are you looking for a toy for G-Spot stimulation that's a better quality product than the Rabbit? 

The women at Lotus Blooms recommend Lelo's Iris and Fun Factory's Delight because of the caliber of their products. I chose Fun Factory's Delight since that toy also provides clitoral stimulation. The Delight is made from 100% Medical Grade silicone so it's good for your skin and your body. (Phthalate-free is the only way to be!)

The Delight comes in a carrying case with an external charger. There are no batteries required, which is a huge plus! The case is so discreet that you'd expect to find a pair of sunglasses inside.

The Delight is available in black and white or pink. I chose pink since it seemed feminine. I also felt like the shape in black and white reminded me of a small whale, which just isn't sexy to me.

The toy is S-shaped so that you can easily insert it so it hits the G-Spot just so. It was made with ergonomics in mind so can grip the toy with your index finger and thumb. You then move your thumb on the top of the toy to operate the controls.

There is a positive sign and a negative sign where your thumb rests, and the control panel illuminates when touched. You may need to touch the positive sign up to four times in a row before the toy turns on. (For those of us who expect instant gratification, it helps to know that in advance to avoid getting frustrated. When I first used the toy and couldn't figure out how to turn it on, I was cursing at it for a few seconds. That's never fun!)

The Delight has eight (8) speeds. Press the positive sign to increase the intensity and the negative sign to decrease. Once the toy has been on for a few minutes, you can then continue to press the positive sign to change from constant vibrations to varying speeds.

It's most comfortable to use the toy if you are lying on your back or on sitting on a couch with your head and back upright and your legs out in front of you. Feel free to experiment on your own, but it was awkward to use the toy face down.

This toy features an added piece of silicone for clitoral stimulation. However, one size does not fit all! I had a hard time positioning the toy on my G-Spot and my clit simultaneously. I wondered if that was just how my body is shaped, but a friend who owns the Delight had the exact same problem. The product can give amazing G-Spot orgasms and is sleeker than most adult toys. But, I wouldn't pitch the Delight as dual-purpose since the clitoral stimulation is minimal at best.

The toy is very quiet and doesn't look like your typical, dildo-shaped vibrator. (That's a plus for those of you who don't want to wake up roommates, kids, parents or significant others.) The Delight is also aesthetically-pleasing and wouldn't be intimidating to pull into the bedroom for use with your partner.

There is one big negative to the product, though, and that's the price! The Delight retails for a pricey $109.99.

The Delight was the first toy that I paid more than three figures for so my expectations were higher. I wanted more bang since I shelled out so many bucks. And, I have to say that the Delight came up short. Fun Factory's Delight is a great toy for finding your G-Spot, but the toy has gathered a lot more dust than…

Have you tried the Delight or a similar high-end sex toy? What was your experience?

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