Sex: Mind full or Mindful with Dr. Jenn

"We don't talk about the complexity of sexuality. What happens when we don't talk about it is that sexuality ends up in the shadows, and that is where we have shame, embarrassment, exploitation, abuse, and fear."  ~Jennifer Gunsaullus, PhD

Dr. Jenn is a sociologist, sex therapist, and public speaker. I'm also thankful to call her a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed the video of her entertaining and informative talk at a recent TEDxWomen event in San Diego, California. (And, yes, I say that with all bias aside.)

Given that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, we're inundated with media attention and marketing campaigns that emphasize how we need to express our love and passion…on this one day only! Dr. Jenn's TED talk and email tips for Mindful Sex help to remind us to be in touch with our feelings and sexuality everyday!

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