Quick, Quick, Slow

I receive quite a few sex and relationship questions via Formspring, but it’s been a while since I’ve posted my answers to them.  (Damn chemo!)  I figured that I would get back to doing so in between my posts about Mr. Exec.  I also have a great giveaway that I’ll be sharing with you all this evening.

Question 1a: With my ex-girlfriend, I could have sex for as long as I wanted.  With my current girlfriend, I can't last as long.  Insights on why that's so?

Answer: What's different with the equation?  The foreplay?  The positions?  How wet or orgasmic your partner is?  How often you have sex?

Has your current girlfriend indicated that this is a problem?  (I've dated guys who take a long time and guys who cum very quickly. As long as I'm satisfied, I'm okay with either mode.)

Question 1b: Nothing has really changed.  Same positions usually.  Wetness same.  She hasn't voiced a concern; this is more for making it better (not that it was bad).  I just don't know why anything is different.

Answer: Have you tried a sexual enhancement gel or herb?  (If you or your partner has sensitive skin or allergies, it’s best to stick to herbs over gels.  With respect to herbal products, herbs have yet to be approved by the FDA, although they are commonly used in Eastern medicine.) 

You could also add a cock ring to increase pressure to the base of your cock and keep your erection for longer.  They stimulate the clitoris during sex, making it much easier for the female to orgasm.

You also might try switching positions often to break the rhythm that you're in so that you can last longer.  (Some women love changing positions a lot.  Some don't.  The effectiveness of that strategy might depend on your partner.)

Good luck!

So, readers, did I miss anything?  Do you have any other suggestions for this guy?

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