I had expected that Mr. Agency was coming over to my place in the middle of the day to end our relationship.  He had gone from being attentive and caring during my first round of chemotherapy to MIA during my second round.  I feared that his demanding work schedule and my needs during treatment weren’t compatible.

Mr. Agency walked into my apartment and gave me a big hug and kiss.  He greeted Autumn, and then I went to get him a drink.  He and Autumn had always gotten along well, but now she responded to his questions curtly without a smile on her face.  (Who hasn’t done the same when being protective of a loved one?)

Mr. Agency and I sat down on the couch to watch football, while Autumn continued to work online.  As she focused on writing her paper and I tried to keep my eye on the game, Mr. Agency kept moving closer and closer to me on the sofa.  He put his arm around me and gave me little kisses.  He kept tapping my butt and moving my hand toward his pants.  I looked down and noticed that he was hard underneath his jeans.  I wanted to say:

Aren't we breaking up?  What's going on here?

But, since Autumn was in the room, I went with:

Are you hungry?  [He nods.]  Want to see what I have to eat?

We walked into the kitchen, and he put his arms around me, kissed my neck and lightly spanked my ass. I turned to face him, and he kissed me passionately.  After a minute or two, I removed my lips from his and said:

Where have you been all week?

Mr. Agency: You know that I’ve had a lot going on at work since I got back into town.

Me: I do.  And, most weeks I’m fine with seeing you whenever is convenient, but I can’t do that chemo week.  It's too tough.  [Pause.]  I needed you and you weren't there for me.  I get that you don’t like making firm plans, but if I think you might be coming over, I won’t ask anyone else to. 

Mr. Agency: I'm sorry.

Me: I get that this is a lot and that we're a new relationship.  But, I need all the help I can get during chemo week so for the next round, I’ll need more from you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s late, I just need someone here in case anything bad happens.  Is that okay?

Mr. Agency: Yes.

Me: You can handle a night or two during the next round then?

Mr. Agency: Yep.

We kissed again, and he suggested that we go into the bedroom.

Me [smiling]: Sure.  Give me a minute so I can talk to Autumn first.  [He headed into the bedroom.]

Me [to Autumn]: Well, I’m kind of surprised, but I guess everything is cool.

Autumn: Really?  Why didn’t he come over until today?

Me: Work stuff.  But, I let him know that he needs to let me know when he’s coming over and be more attentive during the next round.

Autumn: And, he’s okay with that?

Me: He said he was. 

I thanked Autumn for being so protective of me and said goodbye in case she wasn’t still at my place when Mr. Agency and I were done.  (For those of you who are wondering, there’s a second bedroom in my apartment to separate my bedroom from the living room.  I didn’t have to worry about Autumn hearing anything.)

I smiled to myself as I walked down the hall and joined Mr. Agency in the bedroom.


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