Making a Plan

October 23-24, 2012

I awoke the morning of the 23rd and began reframing my thoughts around being pregnant. If my doctors were comfortable with me trying to carry, what steps could be taken to make this work?

I needed more information to be fully prepared for my consultation with the high-risk obstetrician. After an hour of research on reliable medical sites, I headed off to my appointment feeling both positive and pragmatic.

Dr. OB was compassionate, intelligent and appreciated the uniqueness of my case. Once we had reviewed my lengthy health history, Dr. OB asked about why my gynecologist had referred me to her.

“Well, when I made my initial appointment with you, I had assumed that I was going to be terminating my pregnancy. But, that was before my entire medical team gave me the okay to try to carry to term. Now, I want to hear if that's possible from your perspective. I have a plan that I feel comfortable with, but since you’re the OB, I'd love to get your thoughts,” I explained. “There’s a part of me that realizes how many odds had to be overcome for me to even get pregnant.”

“This is a miracle!” Dr. OB exclaimed.

“I agree. And, I’ve wrapped my head around the idea of having a child. But, I’m still only seven weeks into my pregnancy. It's so early! There’s a 30% of miscarrying at my age, right?”

“Yes,” the doctor responded.

“Enough of my friends have miscarried that I don’t take getting through the first trimester for granted. I also haven’t been without my migraine medicine in nine years! Back then, I was in and out of the hospital for chronic migraines, dehydration and vomiting. If I'm in and out of the hospitals with migraines over the next few weeks, then that would be a sign to me."

"Okay," the doctor stated.

"And, I was wondering if I could get Counsyl and CVS testing and results within the next month. [Counsyl is a blood test that screens for more than 100 genetic diseases that can be passed on in utero. CVS or chorionic villus sampling involves removing a tiny portion of the placenta to test for Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. Unlike an amniocentesis, CVS testing can be performed in the first trimester.] If any of the test results came back with an abnormal result, I would view that as a sign that this wasn’t meant to be.”

Dr. OB nodded her head and said, “That sounds like a good plan.”

She looked down at her calendar as she continued, “We could schedule the CVS test anywhere between the 15th and the 21st of November. That should give us enough time to schedule the procedure if any of the results come back abnormally.”

She paused and smiled, “But, I think we can get you to term.”

I smiled, as I responded, “I hope so!”

And, I was. I found myself calm as a plan was in place with tangible checks and balances. Every day, I prayed:

“God, I believe this is your will…that this is a miracle. But, if that’s not the case, please send me a sign over the next month. Otherwise, please watch over me and Little Bit and let us both be okay. Amen.”

I had only known I was pregnant for eight days, but it had already been quite the journey! I hoped and prayed that it was only the beginning of the journey, but time would tell.

To be continued… 

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