Keepin’ It Wrapped

In an earlier post, I wrote about how to broach condom use without ruining the mood.  Now, let’s get to the nuts and bolts (pun intended) of shopping for condoms!

What should you consider when buying condoms?

A latex rubber condom provides protection against pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and STDs.  Choose latex, unless you have a rubber allergy.  A lubricated condom is often preferable to heighten the experience.  If you pick an unlubricated condom for a tighter fit and need to add your own lubricant over the condom, steer clear of oil-based liquids since oil weakens the effectiveness of condoms.

For those of you with latex allergies, there are polyurethane and animal skin condoms.  (No, lambskin condoms are not actually made with animal skin.)  Those types of condoms are thinner and allow for more warmth and sensation than latex condoms, but they do NOT prevent against HIV/AIDS and STDs.  As a result, it’s not recommended to use these condoms unless you’re in a monogamous relationship.

What condoms should you purchase?

If you’re making your first condom purchase, you might care to try a Variety Pack from Trojan to sample several different types.  For those of you who are able to visit Lotus Blooms or order condoms online, it’s worth picking up one of the store's bestsellers: RFSU and One.

RFSU condoms are made by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education and are found throughout Europe.  RFSU is about more than just condoms, though, as the organization focuses on sex information, advocacy and education on an international scale.  RFSU’s condoms are made of soft and silky, yet durable, latex with silicone lubricant.  The condoms come in a rectangular package that’s about half the size of a traditional square condom.  

Next, we broke out the Classic Select condom from One.  One products are manufactured by Global Protection Corporation, a company committed to outreach and making condom use socially accepted.  One condoms combine high-quality latex with innovative packaging (the wrappers are round, not square).  In addition, a portion of all of the company’s condom sales goes to HIV prevention and treatment in Africa.    

The Classic Select condom provided a fit that was rather snug for my man.  Average-sized cocks should find the tight fit beneficial, but if you’re larger than average, choose One’s The Legend or Pleasure Dome brands.  (The former is larger in all regards, while the latter is larger around the top of the shaft.)  

Despite the snug fit, the Classic Select is thin.  The condom is also purer and has been safely treated so it doesn’t contain any of that unpleasant latex odor.  My man enjoyed the experience, even commenting that he could feel how wet and warm my pussy was while wearing the condom.  I wasn’t as fond of the Classic Select, though, since I wasn’t able to orgasm without clitoral stimulation.  
If it’s easier for you to purchase condoms at your local drugstore than online or at Lotus Blooms, I also recommend the Trojan Ecstasy.  I received samples of the Ultra-Ribbed Ecstasy at a conference for sex educators earlier this summer.  I loved the condom so much that I gave several to a friend. 
What’s so great about the Ecstasy?  The amazing G-Spot stimulating ridges on the outside!  I have never cum so much with a condom and without clitoral stimulation than when my man has worn the Ecstasy.  The latex feels sheer and smooth in a way that’s not the norm for condoms.  The condom is also shaped with a rounder head (rather than the tapered tip) and tighter base.  Since it’s looser on the shaft, it provides a less constricting experience for the man.

I don’t feel right ranking condoms because I would hate for a reader to refuse to use a condom because of my review of a particular brand.  So, I’ll give out my Condom Superlatives instead.

Best for G-Spot Stimulation: The Trojan Ecstasy

Best for a Natural Fit: The Trojan Ecstasy

Best for Feeling Heat and Wetness: One Classic Select

Thinnest: RFSU’s Birds and Bees

Try one.  Try all.  Just be safe.

What's your favorite condom and why?


* Pursuant to FTC Guidelines, I received the products free of charge in exchange for my honest reviews.

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