It’s Friday and I’m in love

Friday, September 18, 2009

Buckeyes Boy and I were going to be moving in together! I was jumping up and down in my apartment and couldn't stop smiling. One of my girlfriends called as Buckeyes Boy and I were snuggling on the couch.

Me [with an incredibly giddy smile]: Is this official? Can I tell her?

Buckeyes Boy [with a huge smile on his face, too]: Sure.

Buckeyes Boy headed to his Dad's place in Maryland, and I talked to a few girlfriends to share my news with them. I decided to take a nap since I was so exhausted from the past week. We were off to a birthday dinner for my girl, AP, that evening, so I wanted to feel my best.

I was starting to wake up when my phone vibrated. A text from Buckeyes Boy:

I've looked everywhere but can't find my credit or ATM card. I don't want to be a burden this weekend so if it's easier, we can just get together to watch football on Sun.

I didn't hesitate and wrote him the following response:

We're a team! I want you with me this weekend and can't wait for you to meet everyone. Come home so we can hook up again before we go out! xoxo

As I was lying in bed, it crossed my mind that since we started dating, we actually hadn't gone out to dinner. We cleared out everything in my fridge before going back to bed. Oh, and one night, we went to my friends' house. I know that some girls wouldn't want to pay for dinner for their boyfriends — ever, but I figured that it would all balance out. Buckeyes Boy was lining up interviews and would be paying rent once he got a job in DC and cleared out his storage unit in Toronto.

A few hours later, he returned from Maryland and we headed out to Sterling, a suburb 40 minutes away from DC. We were the last couple to arrive, and it seemed like Buckeyes Boy fit in easily with my group. And, we just fit together.

I didn't think I could fall for Buckeyes Boy more and then I saw him with my godson. I haven't written about my godson on my blog before, but this little guy had my heart wrapped around his tiny finger the moment that I held him in my arms. I would do anything for this boy and his mom.

Anyway, my godson was 15 months at the time of the dinner, and he looked at Buckeyes Boy as though he was a huge teddy bear (which he kind of is). My godson kept sharing his food with him, and smiling and laughing as Buckeyes Boy played with him. I looked across the table and felt so much joy watching my favorite big man play with my favorite little man that I almost shed tears right then and there.

By the time that appetizers were served, everyone at the table knew the big news about us living together. My friends were really excited for us, but surprised that I was so calm about everything. They kept waiting for me to freak out or get scared, but when they looked it my eyes and watched us together, they knew.

Barla: When it's right, it's right.

Me: I know! I soooo wasn't looking for this.

Barla: That's when it happens!

[Then, AP, Barla and I all get teary-eyed and have a group hug. We are a sappy bunch, huh? Unless we're in Philadelphia…]

I wore a long-sleeve shirt, but that didn't cover all of the ugly bruises on my arms. AP and Barla asked about them.

Me [pointing to Buckeyes Boy]: He did it!

Buckeyes Boy: You asked for it!

[We all crack up.]

AP, her husband and I took turns taking my godson outside so he didn't get bored at the table. I was out with him for about 20 minutes when AP came out to find us.

AP: Buckeyes Boy is great!

Me: Isn't he?

AP: He said some really sweet stuff in there.

Me: He did? Like what?

AP: Well, he asked us if you brought a lot of guys around to meet The Crew. And we looked at him and said, "No! Never!" He seemed surprised, but he smiled, too. He was like a giddy schoolboy, as he told us that this might seem crazy and too fast to everyone else, but that it feels right to you both. He said how great you are and that he's never felt anything like this before.

Me: Really? That's awesome! [Blushing and giggling.] What did you ask him that prompted him to say that?

AP: Nothing! We wouldn't say anything without you there. He just told us all that on his own.

Me: Wow! [I beam as AP hugs me.]

We headed back to the table and asked the server for our check. I looked in my Longchamp backpack and realized that I couldn't find my wallet. Now normally this would be something that I would get livid over, but I couldn't stop laughing.

Me: What are the odds that we met, fell in love and both lost our wallets — all in eight days? Let's go to Safeway [where we were before dinner] and see if I left it there.

Buckeyes Boy: Sounds good. [He kisses me.]

I was in love with the most amazing guy. I could figure out the wallet stuff later.

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