Fun Factory Calla

Are you in the market for a sex toy that's:

1. Ergonomically-friendly (protect your hand and wrist as you please your…);

2. Sex positive (doesn't contain any potentially toxic ingredients);

3. Rechargeable and waterproof (few toys are both);

4. Versatile for guys, girls and couples; and/or

5. Can stimulate you clitorally, vaginally or anally?

If so, then Fun Factory's Calla is a great toy for you!

I give this toy my full Five Squeals of Approval because it gets the job done incredibly well. Whether you enjoy clitoral, anal, vaginal, or dual stimulation (clitorally and vaginally, or anally and on your perineum), you won't be disappointed!


* Pursuant to FTC guidelines, I received this toy free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product.

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