Anal 3.0: The Back Story

After writing my previous posts about anal sex, I've received several questions about the topic. Here are some of my thoughts to those questions, as we delve into the back story about anal:*

1. Will it hurt?

Yes, of course. It's not exactly like putting a square peg in a round hole, but there's a reason why some girls comment that their asses are Exit Only. The amount of pain varies, though, depending on how large the relevant body parts are, and your pain threshold.

It will help immensely if you prepare beforehand and have patience during. Try a small toy or finger first. Purchase a high-quality lubricant (Swiss Navy or ForPlay). Take your time and take breaks. Communicate with your partner and make sure he knows that you control the pace and intensity at first. Read some of my other tips about positions that are more friendly for first-timers or those who are experiencing some pain from anal sex.

Rest assured that it does get easier with time and practice. If back door loving is a somewhat regular part of your routine, then eventually, it should only hurt during the first thrust or two, if at all.

2. I'm a straight guy. Isn't anal sex just for gay guys?

No!!! The anus is an erogenous zone, irrespective of your sexual orientation. Yes, homosexual males may engage in anal sex more than the average straight couple. But, why should that concern you any? Your sex life is just that…yours! You should determine what works for you.

Since the ass is naturally tighter than the pussy, anal sex feels different…more intense…and possibly, more pleasurable. An intimate act with your girlfriend or wife doesn't need to be a lifestyle choice or a step on the path toward homosexuality. Think out of the box (pun intended), and with all due respect, check yourself for some homophobia.

If you are comfortable with your sexuality, and you and your woman want to try something new, then why not give it a go? Keep in mind that you can also lay down some ground rules. You may find that you enjoy pleasing your girl anally with a finger, toy, tongue or your cock, but have absolutely no desire for her to touch or lick you in that area. Talk about these things beforehand to figure out both of your comfort levels.

3. I'm worried about…umm…the smell…or anything else coming from back there.

Good question! I think of the book, "The Gas We Pass" and the fact that occasional, minor activity is an occupational hazard with anal sex. Barring a parasite, food poisoning or severe IBS, you should NOT have the same reaction that Tucker Max's girl did during their first foray into anal.

Take your time in the days prior and the minutes before full penetration to acclimate yourself and your ass to the sensation of back door fun. Communicate with your partner (that's a recurring theme if you haven't noticed).

Don't eat a lot of food prior to having anal sex. If you do, some positions might make you feel like you are going to throw up, or toward the end of intercourse, there might be a slight odor in the room. Will it be atrocious? No. But, it will smell like gas or worse (crap).

If that happens, wait until your man cums, laugh about it ("you tapped that ass, baby!"), excuse yourself and come back with a match or candle. It doesn't need to be a big deal if you don't make it one. Likewise, if you feel comfortable enough having anal sex with your man and vice-versa, then you don't need to ignore the obvious.

Try to eat foods that are healthy (low in fat and salt) and more on the bland side to ensure that these things don't arise. If you are on a date with your man beforehand that includes dinner at a fancy restaurant with rich foods, don't deprive yourself, but don't overeat either. (Don't feel bad about any of this either. If you've read my blow jobs posts, I also mention that high salt in a man's diet affects how his cum tastes. Our bodies are wondrous things, but they don't always cooperate as we would like.)

If you have a sensitive stomach normally, be cautious. If you go more than the average person, then don't have anal first thing in the morning. Translation: make sure that you have gone to bathroom and eliminated as much as you possibly can before you have anal sex. That will help make the experience more pleasurable for you both.

There might be a small bit of residue when your man pulls out. If he used a condom, then clean up should be easy. If not, you might want to have a washcloth handy or offer to go get one.

Afterward, you may notice that you are more gassy than normal. (Again, I'm talking about a normal bodily function so don't view this as a big deal.) Logic dictates that the lube and cum that go in have to come out. It won't be anything that your man or anyone else will probably notice, but it's better to know the lay of the land in advance, right?

Happy to answer any more of your questions regarding this or anything else. I wouldn't view any of the above information as a deterrent from anal sex, but rather, that being more informed now may prove useful later.

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