Sex in the shower tips

A comment from one of blog friends got me thinking about how I have sex in the shower…logistically. Yes, there are space constraints, running water and slippery surfaces to contend with, but sex in the shower can work. In fact, sex in the shower can be incredibly hot and a welcome change of pace from the usual spots.

With that said, here are my tips:

1. When you are in the shower alone, look for things that you can grab. What's sturdy enough to bear your weight on or lean against? A towel rack? Shelf? Soap dish? Shower rod? What doesn't shift or move much (if at all) when you shake it? If there's nothing inside the shower, then think about whether or not it's worth it to you to install something.

2. What is the height difference between you and your partner?

If you and your partner are similar heights, have your man stand close to the shower head with his back toward the water. Stand with your back toward his chest, facing the back wall of the shower stall. Arch your back so that your butt is titled and hold onto something for leverage. Your man will be able to press on your back or butt to slightly shift the angle, if needed. You can turn around and kiss him, while varyig how much you hold onto the rack or place your feet on the edge of the tub.

If one of you is several inches or more taller than the other, place your hands or forearms on the far wall of the shower itself. Try to make your body as perpendicular to your legs as possible. Alternate between your hands on the far wall and on the back edge of the tub. (A lot of blood will rush to your head in that position so be prepared and have a little food and water in your system before you try it. I don't want anyone passing out here!)

Depending on how strong your man is, you can also try to have your man hold you in his lap. He should be standing (again, with his back facing the water so that neither of you gets drenched in the face) as you face him. Then, he lifts you up so that one of your legs is (or both of your legs are) wrapped around his lower back. If you can hold onto the shower rod or a towel rack, that will make it easier for him to thrust. If you can't do that, try to put one leg on the soap dish or edge of the tub so that all your weight isn't on him.

3. Are there water-safe toys that you can bring inside the shower with you? There are quite a few battery-operated bullets or small toys that are safe to use in the water. Ladies, you might want to invest in one of those to ensure that you can achieve an orgasm with your man in the shower.

4. If traditional or anal sex in the shower isn't a possibility for you, then how about trying oral sex? It's typically easiest if your man is close to the showerhead and facing you. Then, you can get on your knees to blow him. You might wish to purchase a shower mat that's comfortable to the touch so you don't have grooves or pain in your knees at the end of this!

Oral on a woman is a bit trickier in the shower so you might wish to head to the sink/vanity area after the shower is over. Sit on the vanity with your legs toward your man. He can either bend over while standing or kneel down on the bath mat. (Note to self: make sure you move any breakables first to save clean-up afterward.)

Sex in the shower may or may not work for you. But, I always advocate trying new things with your partner. Lather up!

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