Not your typical sleepover

I was going through a box with old photos and letters yesterday and came across this poem. I wrote it for a poetry class in college, finding inspiration from a sleepover at my friend's house during Winter Break. Hope you enjoy it!

Best Friends — 1993

The silk spaghetti strap slips
Oh so subtly off your shoulder
You pretend not to notice
As the strap caresses your chest

You lie down on the bed
And fluff my pillow so I will follow
You laugh as you find Mr. Teddy
Trying to snuggle by your feet

You dim the lights to set the mood
And reach for some stories by Anais
You begin to read me a tale of two girls
Exploring each other on an afternoon ride

You ask if I feel as hot as you do
But you know the answer is yes
Your cheeks get red as you whisper,
"Have you ever? Would you ever?"

A million memories we've shared fill my mind
And I wonder if we are destined to be more than friends
I want to speak, but only silence prevails
You know how I feel
And turn off the lights…

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