Musings on multiples

Quite a few men don't understand multiples. As in, orgasms. This is fascinating on some levels, and disappointing on others. Is it possible that some men are intimidated by multiple orgasms because they don't understand them?

Do multiples confuse some men because they can't relate from personal experience? (Men typically cum once and then need a recovery period before they can even attempt to try again.)

Are they in awe of multiples? Like there's a unicorn in the bed?

Research from the Kinsey Institute found that approximately 15% of women can have multiple orgasms. So, if you are with a woman who falls in that very fortunate category, what should you do?

Communicate beforehand. The new guy knows that I like to get off a lot and that I can have multiples. But, I don't know if he knows what that means from a hands-on perspective. Maybe he thinks that I can only get multiples from vaginal or anal sex? (Not the case.) Maybe he thought that was something I only enjoy when I'm alone? (Multiples are perfect anytime!)

As a girl, if you are exploring your ability to achieve multiples, I recommend doing that on your own first. Once you've mastered the art, then you can better replicate it with a guy in the room.

For a guy, if you care about the girl you are sleeping with (as I hope you would), then talk to her in advance. If you don't feel comfortable broaching the subject with her before you have sex, then look…listen…and feel when you are in bed with her.

After she has her first orgasm, what does she do? If she reaches for water, gets up to go to the bathroom, moves her body (whole body, not just that region), goes to please you or kiss you, then she is probably done. If she stays in exactly the same position, starts to touch herself or is moving her pussy in front of you, then she is probably not finished.

At that point, it's okay to ask if she wants more. Or, just try to touch her again and see her response. Ladies, please let your men know what you like and what you don't. If you are satisfied, say so. If you aren't, then find a tactful way to switch positions, ask for more attention, suggest trying a toy, or whatever would make you happy.

What if you are having vaginal sex and your woman can only achieve multiples with you inside her? That's a tough one. When the female cums, it's only natural that the guy wants to do the same, right? So, guys, you have a choice:

1. Either you need to channel your thoughts so that you do not cum until she is good and ready and on her last orgasm (that will require self-control from you and communication with her); or

2. You need to have a toy ready and feel alert and comfortable enough to put that toy inside her after you pull out. (That requires a different kind of self-control since the hormone levels of a man after he cums make him sleepy.)

Whatever option you choose, the goal here is for everyone to have a good time. "One and done" might work for you, but does it work for your partner? I can't answer that, but I hope that you can!

How have you dealt with multiples?

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