Lawyer Boy on my mind in 5-7-5


Trying to forget
Our affair. My memory
Like an elephant

Was doing so well
Put away the Kleenex box
With my old yearbooks

‘Til I saw the pic
Of Darby’s pregnant belly
Floodgates have opened

Oh, how I miss you!
The sex, the law, your friendship
Did I mention sex?

No! I don’t miss you!
Your lies, cheating and ego
Almost Clinton-esque

I’m the lucky one
(Deep down I know this is true.
Just keep repeating)

To not be your wife,
Expecting your baby and
Hoping you will change

When child is born
Will you really be faithful?
Doubtful. [Sigh.] Doubtful.

You’re a risk taker
One woman is not enough
Cheating — like your drug

Absence makes my heart
Confused. Like DC weather
When will seasons change?

*I think a lot in 5-7-5 syllables. When Lawyer Boy and I were dating before I knew a Darby even existed, I started sexting him with haikus. Earlier this evening, I was processing my feelings about his wife’s pregnancy and the above verses just came to me.

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